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Bringing german property investments to anyone in the world is our focus. With a dedicated team and several branches in the real estate market, we are here to guide you through all the steps.

A simple idea: opening the german real estate market for everyone.


Enabling people around the world to invest in a strategic location with value.

Whether you are a private investor or a corporate investor, we provide you the right network to invest in Germany.


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Not sure if a foreign investment is the right fit for you? No worries, just talk to us. We will assess your current situation and offer you an overview of your potential options. No obligation required.


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The German Property Market

Germany has a booming housing market, which is set to expand even further. Built on a strong economic base and infrastructure, Germany’s housing market is a pillar of quality.

Price Stability

A solid influx of people moving to Germany has led to a stressful situation for people trying to rent an apartment. Especially cash stripped people working in several emerging markets are looking for premium apartments. Especially in the core cities of Germany, it’s not unusual to have several dozen applicants to a single apartment.

Political Security

With a longstanding history of political balance Germany is a working democracy. Being a federal state with five constitutional bodies, Germany covers more than just the basics of security for landowners and investors.

“The separation of powers – i.e. the division of state powers among a number of bodies of state – is an important component of the constitution. The legislature, the executive power and the judiciary must never fall under the control of a single authority.”

Low Legal Barriers

As opposed to many other countries, Germany imposes virtually no restrictions on foreign buyers. The fair treatment of anyone is secured by law. However the process of buying, even being the same for everyone, is complicated as it has to involve a notary. 

Statistic: House price index in Germany from 1st quarter 2016 to 1st quarter 2022 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Longterm Value

As pictured above, the house price index almost doubled in just 8 years, with no vital change in sight. Benefit from this situation, which delivers stellar results for your portfolio.


Feel safe with our multitude of services.

Feel safe with a multitude of services.

Extra services at regular broker fees

No Investment Fees

Even though we provide a wide array of services, all of them are included in our regular realtor broker fee, which a german customer would pay too. 

We love our Field work

On The Ground

Ensuring that we sell quality only projects is our key. We only market and sell properties which are assessable by our team directly and locally.

Be on the safe side, by law.

Legal Security

We have your covered with our partner LegalBerlin LLC. Every single step will be taken care for you by our legal specialists.

LegalBerlin LLC. is specialized in selling domestic assets in foreign markets. With a track record of over 20 years in the realty business, you can trust this partner.

You will receive assistance in any step of your journey. All paperwork and filings can be done in your name without extra effort to you.

Start your journey

Low Entry Price

With starting prices for properties from just 400k €, we are able to fulfill almost any dream of yours.

Part of our service is to arrange a low interest financing for your purchase, if you wish.


Our Story is our Partners

Having started off as being a valued local real estate broker in Berlin, we developed a strong network of project developers and real estate protagonists.

Being part of the decision making process of a multitude of project developers and their construction projects, we advise in the construction planning process.  With our marketing branch ecoestate brands, project developers receive valuable insights for what project sells best at the current market. With impeccable marketing quality and brand building, we provide the best value for the best construction projects.

During this work, we found that a quality product, like a property with our insights, would be appreciated by international customers.

This laid the cornerstone of the foundation of our investment branch.


Our foundation is our real estate branch operating from Berlin. Serving customers in the entire Berlin metropolitan area with our core Team.


Brands delivers premium marketing approach to branding of new construction projects, combined with an effective way to distribute on and offline.

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