Buy Apartments, whole buildings or commercial real estate in Germany.

Discover endless possibilities through investments in german prime real estate directly from the real estate developer.

Low entry prices

Start with just one apartment.

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Why Germany?

Price Stability

A high housing demand secures demand in properties

Political Security

A functioning and democractic government

Low Vacancy

A constant influx of people secures housing demand

Low Legal Barriers

Virtually the same process for non-locals

The german market is a bull, despite high interest rates in 2022 the real estate sector keeps on growing. Especially luxury properties are in high demand and remain highly profitable.

A constant influx of citizens to the major german cities like Berlin, Munich and Cologne secures a long-term demand of housing.

Rent prices keep increasing, which secures the demand of housing properties especially in the segment which we provide.




How it works

Get to know

Starting with a simple video call, we gather details about your preferences and what you might be looking for.

Search and Prospect

Based on your preferences and financial background, you will be provided with a wide array of possible properties.


We build a legal and fiscal construct to support your purchase. Even financing is an option which we can secure for you.

Purchase and management

Our skilled agents work out the details of the contract, secure your purchase with our legal team and even manage the property afterwards if desired.

Loan Types

Why invest through us?

No Investment Fees

We advise without cost. You only pay for the property, our broker commission on the property itself and legal fees.

On the ground

We only broker properties that are assessable by us directly. If you wish access to 3rd Party properties, we can help with that however.

Legal Security

We have your covered with our partner Rechtsanwaltskanzlei. Every single step will be taken care for you by our legal specialists.

Low Entry Price

We provide assets which start as low as 400.000 €.

A full service investment strategy

Ecoestate started in the german real estate market as a local broker. With that in mind, we provide a full circle of services without the need for you to take care of legal, fiscal or government issues.

We work closely with project developers in all major german cities. Being an integral partner to these developers, we evaluate construction quality and rentability and provide first class properties.


Our Specialties

We guide you through and take care of every step in your property purchase. 

Since we are dedicated to providing the most viable profit margins for our customers, we specialized since inception in prime luxury real estate.

Why? Because quality matters, especially in the german market. To achieve constant rent flows for our customers, the more luxurious the poperty the better.


Buy Rental Apartments

Start off with something simple and buy your first apartment in Germany. We offer an easy and transparent approach for any international buyer.

Buy Condo Buildings

Depending on your financial background, we provide entire apartment buildings at prime locations throughout Germany. If you want to buy and invest, we are your go-to partner.

Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking to buy commercial real estate in Germany, Ecoestate has got you covered. From due diligence to the final contact, we take care of every step.

Our Story

Having started off as being a valued local real estate broker in Berlin, we developed a strong network of project developers and real estate protagonists.

Being part of the decision making process of a multitude of project developers and their construction projects, we advise in the construction planning process.  With our marketing branch ecoestate brands, project developers receive valuable insights for what project sells best at the current market. With impeccable marketing quality and brand building, we provide the best value for the best construction projects.

During this work, we found that a quality product, like a property with our insights, would be appreciated by international customers.

This laid the cornerstone of the foundation of our investment branch.


Invest with a great return.

A great return rate with high stability. The german real estate market is known for quality and sustainability.


“I found the perfect solution based on my savings. We never thought that not only does Berlin provide sustainable apartment prices, but also has so much rental requests. We are very happy with our first little apartment provided through ecoestate.”

He Sizheng


Start your best investment.

Get in touch with us and on of our international agents will get in touch with you.

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