Buying your own apartment in Germany.

Discover endless possibilities through investments in german prime real estate directly from the real estate developer. Buying an apartment in Germany can be so simple.

buying an apartment in germany


Buying an apartment in Germany

Owning an apartment in one of the world’s most stable economies may sound far fetched to some, but we make it happen – on a regular basis.

With our close ties to construction developers throughout Germany, we are helping potential buyers from all over the world to buy apartments in Germany.

The most intriguing part is: you can start off with just 400k Euros, and this can even be secured by a mortgage. Buying an apartment in Germany can be this easy.


Contact us now for a detailed analysis of what you can afford and what properties could suit you. Invest in quality, invest in Germany.

Neema Ihlenburg

Property Consultant

Buying your apartment in Germany

Start your best investment.

Get in touch with us and on of our international agents will contact you directly.

And the best thing: no obligation, no fees for your first consultation.


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How it works

Get to know

Starting with a simple video call, we gather details about your preferences and what you might be looking for.

Search and Prospect

Based on your preferences and financial background, you will be provided with a wide array of possible properties.


We build a legal and fiscal construct to support your purchase. Even financing is an option which we can secure for you.

Purchase and management

Our skilled agents work out the details of the contract, secure your purchase with our legal team and even manage the property afterwards if desired.

Buying an apartment in Germany is safe

With a stable economy, vital infrastructure and ever booming demand for living spaces, Germany is your best bet for your investment.

Our legal partner will guide you through any step necessary while we take care of the rest.


Market outlook

Even Deutsche Bank thinks that “[…] rising house prices are the most important factor in providing protection against inflation.” Invest now and secure your financial freedom. We provide you with the best advice when buying an apartment in Germany.

Link to research paper: “Deutsche Bank: Outlook for the German residential property market 2022 and beyond” (View PDF)

Start your best investment.

Get in touch with us and on of our international agents will contact you directly.

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Low entry prices

Start with just one apartment.

Starting Price

Yearly Return of up to*

Property Officers

Buying an apartment in Germany starts at just 400k €. Mortgage is possible.


“I found the perfect solution based on my savings. We never thought that not only does Berlin provide sustainable apartment prices, but also has so much rental requests. We are very happy with our first little apartment provided through ecoestate.”

He Sizheng


Buying an apartment in Germany may be just a click away. Contact us.

Start your best investment.

Get in touch with us and on of our international agents will get in touch with you.

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